Reader's Feast Book Marketplace

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Reader's Feast Book Marketplace

Reader’s Feast welcomes local publishers and antiquarian booksellers to their store.

The love of books is what has driven our manager, Mary Dalmau, to spend the past forty years in the book trade in Melbourne, Australia. She is passionate about books, reading, and the beauty of the printed word.

“Books become treasured possessions, signposts to significant times in our lives, and tell the story of our country and the world.” Mary D


We are delighted to have a pop-up shop within our store for ‘Books of Kells’, the name antiquarian booksellers Fiona and Stuart Kells have given to their fine collection of old, rare and interesting books. You will now find titles from the collection in Reader’s Feast and you are welcome to browse and buy.


Lytlewode deals in Australian Manuscripts, Art, Objets de virtu, Ephemera & Private Press Books ... and is the exclusive agent for The Lytlewode Press.

The Lytlewode Press is one of Australia's leading private press publishers, with a history of producing fine volumes over several decades on established and outsider artists. The Lytlewode Press is exclusively represented in Australia by Art Bitch Pty. Ltd.

Art historian Robert C. Littlewood is a Private Press publisher who utilises his skills as a fine art photographer, a video producer, researcher and writer to document the lives and achievements of Australian artists who create (or created) original graphic prints. Littlewood brings this multi-media documentation to the creation of his unique limited edition books.

Robert C. Littlewood has developed a reputation for the creation of high quality, luxurious limited edition books which showcase the talents of Australian artists. The publications of The Lytlewode Press are collected by art galleries, libraries and private collectors internationally.



In 2015 Elizabeth Lane and Louise Paton started The Lane Press. Elizabeth and Louise are the daughter and granddaughter respectively of Richard Lane, a founder of Penguin Books. Outback Penguin is the first publication from The Lane Press, and the Press also has copies available of the recent groundbreaking history of Penguin Books, Penguin and the Lane Brothers.


Charles and Mary Stitz are antiquarian booksellers and the proprietors of Books on Dean situated in Albury, NSW. Charles has edited a three volume limited publication called Australian Book Collectors which is available for purchase.