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The Crime & Justice festival brings together writers, journalists, legal and other professionals to talk about crime fiction, human rights and social justice issues. The only festival in the world to combine these focuses in this way, the Crime & Justice Festival is an important addition to the community in fostering discussion on current topics of social commentary and concern. As well, of course, as delving into the exciting world of crime fiction and its authors.

It is a series of sessions over a few days, this year to be held in the vicinity of the legal precinct in the Melbourne CBD.

This year's dates will be confirmed when available.

November is festival month.

We have been running the festival as a labour of love for ten years and as we come to our eleventh year we have faced many challenges for Reader's Feast as an independent bookstore. To preserve this unique literary and community offering we ask for your support by becoming a festival attendee. Your presence ensures a successful event.





Each year our calendar of events includes In Conversations, Book Launches, Reader’s Theatre events and Literary Festivals. All information will be posted here and broadcast via our social media and monthly eNewsletter.

Operating in a UNESCO city of literature, Reader’s Feast takes pride in our participation in the local literary conversation and being a part of the book community. One of the ways this participation manifests itself is through our year-long calendar of literary events.

As each event is confirmed, we advertise it through this website, our social media and in-store.
 Event programming for Reader’s Feast is managed by Melbourne's leading literary event specialist, Simon Clews.

Simon was the Director of the Melbourne Writers' Festival for fourteen years and has also previously directed four Writers at Como, four Writers at the Convent, nine Crime and Justice festivals, and one History Writers' Festival for Reader's Feast.

Reader's Feast invites proposals for author events from publishers and other interested parties; these should be directed to Simon Clews via email:

Reader's Feast presents the History Writers' Festival

In recent years, the local interest in history has grown enormously as has the number of titles being published. We convened our first History Writers' Festival in 2015 and plan to present more festivals of this nature. This website will be updated as details regarding the program are confirmed.

Mary Dalmau, festival convenor, remarks: "we have forged a strong name in the bookselling community of Australia for our extensive range of history, military history, and Australian history. 

We know there is great interest in these subject areas and believe we are well placed to convene a History Writers’ Festival.


Over the last thirty years we have dedicated ourselves to offering unique events and festivals that engage all facets of the literary community. We are very pleased to add the History Writers’ Festival to our repertoire.

Reader's Feast presents: Reader's Theatre

The Reader’s Feast family, instigators of the annual Crime & Justice and History Writers’ festivals, and various other literary events, are excited to bring you the latest addition to the program, the Reader’s Theatre sessions.

Our first Reader’s Theatre was “Voices of Democracy: Great Speeches from History”, read by John McTernan and Helen Morse as part of the 2015 Crime and Justice festival; this was followed by a reading of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” by John Stanton.

The Reader’s Theatre aims to bring great works of literature to life, providing audiences with a new experience of an old favorite or exposure to something entirely new.